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Google Rolling out 3D at an Extraordinary Rate

mar 12-05-2015

As we mentioned in our month-end post, over the last couple of months, Google has stepped up the rate at which they are releasing 3D imagery.

Most notably in the last week Google has added areas in three new countries: South Africa, Kosovo and Montenegro. The imagery in the three new countries appears to have been captured in the second half of 2014.

As usual, you can see the extent of Goolge’s 3D coverage with our KML file and let us know about new areas in the comments of this post. Keep in mind that it can take us several days to add new finds to the KML. As always, a big thank you to Anton Rudolfsson for tracing the areas for the KML, and to all the GEB readers who find new areas.

Although Google has removed its 3D Imagery map from the Google Maps Gallery, the map still exists and Google has updated it with the latest additions. You can use this KML file to view it in Google Earth.

Google pays special attention to bridge models, such as this interesting design in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Some unusually colourful buildings at a sewage plant in Gottingen, Germany.

For the above locations, and a couple of other places of interest in the new imagery, download this KML file.

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