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The amazing things about Google Earth
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The best of Google Earth for August, 2014

lun 01-09-2014

August saw a number of data updates from Google including new Street View imagery in Indonesia and Cambodia, and satellite imagery from around the globe. The launch by DigitalGlobe of their WorldView-3 satellite, and subsequent release of its first images, means the future of satellite imagery looks bright.

Here are some of my favorite stories of the month:

We told you about how Ian Brown at Google Sightseeing shows off the ten tallest statues in the world.

Four of the ten have 3D models in Google Earth

We also showcased CityRealty who have made impressive use of Google Earth’s 3D imagery.

We also brought you a story about using Goats to combat wildfire in Southern California.

Also this month, I had the pleasure of joining the GEB team and am now the main writer, with Mickey Mellen, who has done a fantastic job over the last 4.5 years, moving on to greener pastures.

Which was your favorite story in August?

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